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FOSHAN Ambition Furniture Co., LTD is specialized in office chairs designing, manufacturing and marketing , has adhered to the " Quality first , service first"
Our company adheres to the development concept of "brand development, internationalization, scale expansion and industrialization",and we are committed to the implementation of scientific management systems, Flexible marketing channels and high quality talents discovery and development project provide us the foundation to make our company bigger and stronger . We have strict supervision over production equipment, process and raw materials. While absorbing the cultural background of western furniture, our product focuses more on the oriental aesthetic, so as to make every product better and more ornamental and practical, that is why our products have been welcome by domestic and foreign merchants over the years .

Today , we continue to enlarge our brand market share , at the same time, we focus on the future and have the whole worked view. Our company strive to achieve deep transformation and breakthroughs in production technology , so our employees use their work attitude to make our company more and more successful.



Office chair brand brings you a comfortable experience

This quality office chair also has a number of user-friendly designs, such as adjustable height and angle, which can be adjusted at will according to the user's needs to achieve the best working posture; the support and armrests can also be flexibly adjusted to make the user Work is more convenient and comfortable. In addition, this kind of office chair also has good safety performance and has obtained various safety certifications and approvals, which can effectively protect the health of users at work. Its manufacturing process strictly follows the concept of "green office and environmental protection", which ensures that the production process of office chairs is non-toxic and harmless, and has very little impact on the environment. In general, the quality BIFMA standard office chair is a powerful, comfortable and safe office chair that can meet the needs of different groups of people. Therefore, when purchasing office chairs, we can safely choose office chairs that meet the standard to effectively protect our health and work efficiency.


Office seat manufacturer-Fo shan office furniture-Ambition furniture

Office seat manufacturer-Fo shan office  furniture-Ambition furniture What are the requirements for human comfort for office furniture? 1. Reasonability of static scale of office furniture. When designing office furniture, the first consideration is the size of the furniture. The country has also formulated relevant standards for the scale of office furniture. In fact, all of this data comes from the appropriate size of office furniture for our bodies. For example, the seat width of a seat is taken from 95% of the arm width in a normal sitting posture to meet the needs of most people. It can be seen that the size of furniture is closely related to ourselves. If the width of the chair in office furniture is very narrow and does not meet people's normal sitting posture requirements, no matter how beautiful the chair is, its value will be greatly reduced. 2. The rationality of the dynamic scale of office furniture. The dynamic scale here refers to whether the scale of office furniture can meet people's behavior when they take specific actions on furniture. For example, in the design of a manual cabinet, the height of the high cabinet should be convenient for women to open and not prevent them from observing that the internal storage (usually women) is shorter than men. The height design of the low cabinet is to leave a certain margin based on the height of the user's elbow during operation, and to take into account the user's catering preparation work. 3. Comfort of office furniture. The comfort mentioned here does not depend entirely on people's feelings. Sometimes people feel comfortable, but it actually hides their health. For example, sitting for a long time will naturally change different sitting positions and make you feel comfortable, which will have adverse effects on your spine over time. This influence is subtle and imperceptible. You are likely to suffer from scapulohumeral periarthritis and other diseases. The design of the office chair takes this into account. For example, the design of backrest should conform to the curve of human spine to keep the sitting posture healthy and comfortable. Another example is that in the design of man-machine mattress, when people sleep, considering the difficulty of falling, reasonable body pressure distribution and controlling body dive are neither too soft nor too hard. And the real meaning. Sleep comfortably and healthily. FOSHAN Ambition Furniture Co., LTD is specialized in office chairs designing, manufacturing and marketing , has adhered to the " Quality first , service first" Welcome to contact us any time ! Foshan Ambition Furniture Co., Ltd. Address: No.22 TongKeng Street , NanKeng country,Longjiang Twon Shunde district, Foshan City Guangdong Province China Tel::0086-757-23392303 Phone:0086-18924823870 Email:ivy@ambitionf.com URL:www.ambitionf.com


Some knowledge of office furniture-Ambition office chair

1. The main fabric is made of high-quality breathable mesh fabric, which has good gloss, softness and toughness, moderate thickness, strong breathability, soft hand feel and toughness. 2. The backrest is ergonomically designed, which can reduce the discomfort of the sedentary lower back, and make the seat reflect humanistic care and modern beauty everywhere. 3. The seat cushion is made of high-density shaping sponge, with moderate hardness, good resilience, no deformation and comfortable seat feeling, and the inner layer is formed. Curved boards are treated with moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and insect-proof, and the seat cushion is lifted, relaxed and rotated, and the freedom degree can be locked. 4. Handrails are made of pu plastic, chair feet are made of paint, and chair wheels are made of high-quality floor wheels, which move smoothly without noise and wear.


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